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These important documents will guide you in finding the truth!

Much of the oppressive legislation which has taken our freedoms is contained in the listed documents.

The Glass Steagall Act replaced the Federal Reserve Act in 1933, and is still in effect today with the exception of 2 sections which are reflected in the Repeal of Glass Steagall.

The Agriculture Adjustment Act was the beginning of the federal takeover of our private lands, and the Social Security Act shows that the act only applied to the District of Columbia, federal territories, possessions, Alaska and Hawaii, which, at the time were territories.

1 Stat 23 shows the oaths the Founders mandated that all officers, both State and Federal, must take before entering their offices. It has never been repealed.

The Federal Reserve Act is the legislation which authorized a central bank, something Thomas Jefferson said we must never have if we wanted to remain a Republic.