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I have helped people with IRS problems for almost 20 years.

In 2003, I flew to Virginia to help a young Mennonite farmer who was being audited and assessed more taxes by an IRS agent. We had the meeting with the agent, we had a court reporter there for accuracy, and the upshot was, the proposed assessments went away.

Naively, I gave my own name when asked. At that time, it was still possible to maintain some privacy, and it took the IRS agent, Barbara Haden almost 3 years to track me down and confront me on my front porch. Obviously, the agent at the Virginia hearing had notified the IRS San Antonio office to retaliate against me.

I always felt safe from the IRS as I had never applied for a Social Security number for my legal name, Dessie Maria Andrews. I had been noticed by the IRS that I had no social security number and to please take care of the problem. To me, it was no problem, it was a blessing, as, like most people who applied for the thing in their youth, wish they never had. When I was noticed by the IRS that I had no SS#, I was confused, as I thought the number stayed with the person. It doesn’t. It stays with the name, and my name had been legally changed through marriage.

When this happens, and the social security system receives payments from an account with one name and number that doesn’t correspond with the name and number they have on file, they contact the “taxpayer” and ask them to reconcile the matter, as the social security system cannot have two names with one number. When that happens, the number is written with an asterisk, to denote that it is not a valid number. For example 000-00-0000*. In order to correct the two name, one number problem, I would have had to make application on an SS-5 form in order to have one name and one number. The social security system would have changed the information in their system from Dessie W. Pease to Dessie M. Andrews.

I chose not to file application, which is the only way one can obtain the number. Someone has to fill out and file an application for that name to get a number. Therefore, Andrews does not, to this day, have a number.

When Barbara Haden attempted to track income records for Andrews, she had a problem. There had never been a 1099 or W-2 issued to Andrews that would satisfy the income requirement for the IRS. Instead, she found some trusts for which I was a trustee, a fiduciary duty, and although I was a signatory on the account, I had no personal benefit from the trust. Also, no social security number appeared with my signatory power, as, after all, I did not have one.

Not to be deterred, Ms. Haden summonsed the bank records of 6 trusts of which I was trustee. She totaled all the deposits into these trusts for the years 2000 through 2005, and filled out the substitute for return forms to impute income to me. In 2000, Ms. Haden showed I earned $190+K, which if it hadn’t had tragic consequences, would have been a joke.

I was not noticed about most of the summonses, although that is an IRC requirement.

When she appeared on my porch, it was to serve me with a Summons to produce records, which I refused to do, and eventually, the U.S.Marshals served me with a Summons to appear in federal court.
Judge Yeakel ordered me to appear before Ms. Haden and testify. When I appeared at that meeting, the agent from the Virginia hearing was also there. That confirmed that this was retaliation for me helping the young farmer and his wife.

In case you have read my book, you will notice that Judge Lee Yeakel is the same federal judge in Austin who dismissed the indictment against Detective Kleinert, cloaking him with Supremacy immunity after killing Larry Jackson.

The IRS did not send me all the form letters they go through before determining a Notice of Deficiency, but, nevertheless they issued a NOD, and then filed a Notice of Federal Tax Lien in Travis County against Andrews in the amount of $64912386. The *asterisk is very clear following the redacted SS#. Again, the * denotes an invalid number in the IRS system. At the same time the agent, Christopher Fletcher, the agent following Barbara Haden, filed a Notice of Federal Tax Lien against Dessie Pease in the amount of $5,000.

Then I was noticed that my social security check was to be confiscated in its entirety, which incidentally is my major source of money on which I live. U. S. Supreme court cases forbid this to happen, yet, just as BLM agents don’t have to follow the law, neither do IRS agents.

I went to my Congressional representative, Lloyd Doggett and explained the problem. Sorry, they couldn’t help me, I had to work it out with the IRS, even though I carefully explained the fraud in detail.

Then I called Senator Cruz’s office. At the time, he was newly elected, and had run on a platform that promised he would take the IRS to task, or make them accountable, or something along those lines. During his campaign, he had spoken harshly about the IRS and its abuses and promised he would get to the bottom of it.

I first called his Washington office but was referred to the Austin office, as that’s the one that dealt with IRS complaints. I called the Austin office to make an appointment, was asked by the guy in charge to explain my complaint over the phone, told him about the retaliation, and was told Senator Cruz was not interested in helping me. I filed bankruptcy to stop the taking, but, it turns out the IRS has to agree to discharge the “debt”, and Mr. Fletcher was not interested.

When the Social Security administration started taking my entire check again, I called Sen. Cruz’s office once more. The office obviously had me on a DO NOT TALK TO THIS WOMAN list, as the secretary would tell me she was transferring my call to Willy, I was put on hold and no one ever picked up the call the 3 times I called for help.

So, the Social Security Administration, in response to the phony baloney Notice of Lien, takes every dime of my money. I have no idea where it goes, because the IRS will give me no accounting.

It makes no difference that the Statutes at Large, the law Congress puts on the books, forbids this type of action. Again, no one in a federal government agency, and I can’t find that the IRS even qualifies for that designation, is accountable.

Friends have kept me alive and helped me pay my bills, so far.

My story is shared by thousands, if not millions of other Americans just like me. These people offer no due process, no court of law, no judgment, they just take. It has to end.