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About the Book

Most of us have never questioned “our government”,. Most of us have never read either the U.S.Constitution nor the constitution of your own state. We take words for granted, assuming a meaning that may or may not apply, and rather than look up every word for a definition, we depend on those around us for our “laws”. If your parents filed federal income tax forms and you started filing federal income tax forms the first year you earned money, (mostly to get your refund, the amount that had been taken out of your check), and you’ve never read the IRS 1040 instruction booklet, and you don’t know the definition of “individual”, this book will tell you all you need to know about your rights and if you are not one who is required to file. That’s right, if you’d read the IRS 1040 instruction booklet, there is a section for those who don’t have to file. Who could those people be?

I’ll give you a hint that the income tax instruction booklet is not very informative and will leave you more confused than when you started.

I would like people to understand the federal obligation as it applies to them. Only through education can you determine if you are one who is required to file, if you need to pay “your fair share” of what you earn to a “government” that never worked for nor earned a dime, in order for your “representatives” to fund walleyed pike research in West Virginia, you need to understand that you have been carefully set up to fall for schemes that are older than most of you.

You have been, quite simply, fooled, bamboozled, guilted and frightened into paying your property to an entity that is not an agency of the United States Treasury Department, all without a law mandating you pay if you do not live in the District of Columbia.

Stop the drain on your resources. Stop living in the dark, know the law, know and claim your unalienable rights. Education Will Set You Free – from the IRS explains, in simple language, what the laws are as far as federal income tax returns and how you have been fooled and frightened into voluntarily giving away your hard earned property.

Isn’t it time to stop volunteering your property to an entity that has no legal foundation?

Right now the IRS is above the law, it is a heartless monster peopled by men and women who, for the most part, don’t care if you lose everything that is lawfully and legally yours.

When you learn the truths that are enumerated in this little book, I believe you will be as angry as I am at being scared into giving your property to another. The very mention of the word IRS frightens people. We are all scared of the IRS. It is mindless fear. Rather than determine if you want to pay federal income taxes, why don’t we combine our strengths and efforts to abolish the IRS?

It is my wish, my quest, my destiny, to abolish the IRS in my lifetime. Currently I am 76 years old, and I need you to help me make a difference. My time is limited and I certainly can’t do this by myself. In the book I will explain how we can abolish the IRS and why we should. We are the People. We instituted governments to protect us and our property. What has happened? We have been taken over. Rather than our governments work for us, we work for the governments! It is my belief that when people become empowered by dealing a death blow to an entity that should not exist and which terrorizes us, the People, we are one step closer to regaining our possession of the powers and rights which were bestowed by our Creator, and to regaining control of a government that should only work for us, not against us.

Please help me help you.